RHA's 190th Annual Exhibition with President Abigail O'Brien

English 6 minutes 5

Abgail O'Brien, RHA President, and first female president of RHA, brings us through six of her favourite pieces in this years 190th Annual Exhibition.

O'Brien looks at sculptural work by Rob Ireson, Vera Klute and John Rainey, photography by Varvara Shinkarenko and Sharon Belton, and print...

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  1. Introduction

    0:26 | RHA Gallery

  2. Dead Wait by Rob Ireson

    0:48 | RHA Gallery

  3. Shopper #1 (Emporio Armani tracksuit) by Vera Klute

    0:46 | RHA Gallery

  4. The Deflatables by John Rainey

    0:40 | RHA Gallery

  5. Le bel age, Evette by Varvara Shinkarenko

    0:36 | RHA Gallery

  6. Radiator by Sharon Belton

    0:58 | RHA Gallery

  7. Wushu #1 by Fionn McCann

    1:02 | RHA Gallery

Featured artworks

Dead Wait

Shopper #1 (Emporio Armani tracksuit)

The Deflatables