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Mona Lisa

July 28. Liberty Leading the People (July 28, 1830)

The Starry Night

The Coronation of the Emperor

The Raft of the Medusa

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Ray Harryhausen: Titan of Cinema

Ray Harryhausen | Titan of Cinema audio guide (with John Landis)

Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation

Self-Guided Audio Tour (Single Tracks)

Ulster Museum

Renoir and the New Era - Impressionist works from The Courtauld




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The Museum of Modern Art

New York

Closed 0km

Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art

Kansas City

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Exode mémoriel (Triptyque)

La Peste (Fresque)


Réparations / Simulacre / silentia aurum

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Walk Through Waddesdon Manor

The history of depicting 'real workers' in art

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