A sixty-component print with aquatint, photogravure, spit bite, lithography, screenprint, embossing, tattoo-machine engraving, laser-cutting, and chine colle, and additions of paper collage, crystals, cut paper, enamel, varnish, glitter, gold leaf, gouache, graphite, oil, plasticine, polymer, pomade, toy eyeballs, toy ice cubes, watercolor, velvet, glitter, and foil paper | 213.36 x 424.18cm | 2004-5

Ellen Gallagher

Ellen Gallagher's DeLuxe is arguably the most ambitious and groundbreaking print of the last fifty years-a multidimensional work both conceptually and, in its collaged incrustations and precise excisions, physically. All sixty phantasmagoric componen...
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