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Couch Empire - Living with Chronic Illnesses

Couch Empire - Living with Chronic Illnesses

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Couch Empire backs people with chronic illnesses to earn money without their health being an issue. Just because you're on the Couch doesn't mean you can't build you empire!
Not everyone has the energy to run their own business. That's why in our 2019 prototype, we do all the legwork so our talented artists can focus on creating and earning. That means we're in their corner doing things like branding, marketing, bookkeeping and shipping. We'll even be running a gallery exhibition. People should be able to earn money, do meaningful work and look after their health at the same time. We're dedicated to bringing about a world where that's not only possible, but the norm.
We are always guided by our values.
Fun: how can we laugh and smile more?
Community: how can we really connect to people?
Purpose: how can we ensure that everything has the opportunity to do meaningful work and get paid doing it?
Empowerment: how can we ensure that people have the tools, knowledge and resources to solve their own problems?
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