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Sunset Pavilion, The Wooden Walls Project

Sunset Pavilion, The Wooden Walls Project

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The Wooden Walls Project is a community engagement arts initiative located in the coastal town of Asbury Park, NJ. By connecting the local arts community with the national and international arts movement, our aim is to bring art to people in the streets, where it is accessible to all. It is the belief of Wooden Walls Project that by providing access to an intimate art experience to people who may not otherwise have this interaction, we can enrich not only the lives of individuals and artists, but create a new generation of artists and art enthusiasts as well. As arts education and engagement becomes less accessible and more closely tied to class, it is the hope of Wooden Walls Project that absolutely everyone experience the transformative power of the arts.
Initially created in 2015 as a response to the devastation cause to the community by Hurricane Sandy, Wooden Walls Project brought murals to places that were hard-hit by the storm. As the community recovered, the artworks became a source of inspiration, hope, and joy. Since then, the initiative has worked with artists from Asbury Park and beyond including Shepard Fairey, Indie184, Hellbent Rubin415, to not only enrich the art scene within the community, but to export Asbury Park artists and the culture of the town itself.
As a result, many artists have taken an interest in working with the Asbury Park community to create art to benefit the residents and visitors to Asbury Park. As the project evolves, environmental, educational, and cultural themes are on the horizon, expanding the reach and subject matter of the organization. As Wooden Walls Project looks to the future, it is important to ensure a world where art is for everyone.
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